Stephanie Tan, ACCA Prize Winner

P2 - Corporate Reporting, 3rd in Singapore *F4 - Corporate and Business Law, 3rd in Singapore **
"I would like to convey my most sincere gratitude to my Kaplan lecturers for imparting new skills and instilling confidence I needed to excel in my ACCA journey."Read More

Carrin Phua, FIA Prize Winner

MA1 - Management Information, 3rd in Singapore *
"I was recommended by a relative to come to Kaplan. I chose Kaplan because of its location and its great brand name in providing quality education."Read More

Zhang Lanxi, ACCA Prize Winner

P6 - Advanced Taxation, 3rd in Singapore *
"Kaplan has earned a strong reputation for its excellent ACCA lecturers, good study environment and tuition support for students. That is why Kaplan is my preferred choice."Read More

Desmond Wang, ACCA Prize Winner

F9 - Financial Management, 1st in Singapore *F6 - Taxation, 1st in Singapore **F7 - Financial Reporting, 2nd in Singapore **
"Kaplan is my preferred choice because it is an ACCA Platinum approved tuition provider with a centrally located campus. I was confident that the lecturers will go the extra mile to help students succeed in their studies."Read More

Desmond Loh, ACCA Prize Winner

F8 - Audit and Assurance, 2nd in Singapore *
"Together with my other polytechnic friends, we ultimately chose Kaplan because of its ACCA Platinum approved tuition provider status, global reputation and part-time schedules that fit with my other life commitments."Read More

Chen Laiyu, ACCA Prize Winner

P1 - Governance, Risk and Ethics, 1st in Singapore *P2 - Corporate Reporting, 2nd in Singapore **P3 - Business Analysis, 2nd in Singapore **F8 - Audit and Assurance, 2nd in Singapore ***F9 - Financial Management, 2nd in Singapore ***F5 - Performance Management, 3rd in Singapore ****
"As a student without prior accounting background or career, it was difficult to achieve my good grades today without the help of dedicated lecturers and well-organised class materials from Kaplan."Read More

Alex Lim, ACCA Student for July 2016 Class Intake

F1 - Accountant in BusinessF2 - Management AccountingF3 - Financial Accounting
"I picked Kaplan as my choice because of the reputation and professionalism they demonstrated when I sought advice on my ACCA journey."Read More

Dan Tan, ACCA Student for July 2016 Class Intake

F5 - Performance Management
"Kaplan is my natural choice because it has a great location and Platinum status as ACCA’s Approved Learning Partner and excellent lecturers like Joanna Cheong. "Read More

Grace Wong, ACCA Student for July 2016 Class Intake

F8 - Audit and AssuranceF9 - Financial ManagementP1 - Governance, Risk and Ethics
"I am glad to make Kaplan my choice to support my ACCA journey and help me to excel in my studies."Read More

Trisha Lee

Top ACCA Affiliate, 9th in Singapore *
"I signed up for ACCA evening classes at Kaplan and took up a short work stint in finance to see if accountancy really suits me."Read More